Land and Environment security

As part of security for the territory and the environment working group drew up Elaborate technical GISTERR risk of Accidents. The (ERIR) is an elaborate laid down by Ministerial Decree of May 9, 2001 laying down minimum safety requirements in matters of town planning in relation to the need to maintain adequate safety distances between establishments and residential areas for the following cases (cf. para. 1, art. 1 of DM):

  • establishment of new plants
  • modification of existing plants
  • new settlements or infrastructure around existing establishments.

Specifically the ERIR:

  1. is a technical support:
  2. is preparatory to drafting of new planning tools;
  3. allows the verification of the compatibility of the existing planning and installations at risk of a major accident;
  4. allows the verification of compatibility between the plants at risk of a major accident and environmental elements that are vulnerable.

Have been prepared for the ERIR industrial area of Gela and industrial area of Taranto.
He collaborated to the ERIR of ENI Rome-International and neighboring establishments to EXPO 2015-Milan.

The studies were characterized by well-defined work phases, whose sequence has made it possible to arrive at judgments of compatibility/Territorial and environmental incompatibility.