Plans and programmes

Territorial Plan of Provincial Teramo

The P.T.P. references to the following strategic objectives:

  • Promoting a policy of strengthening the historical structure of the inner part of the province, in the wider perspective of the Apennine Park enhancement in Europe.
  • Ensure, with a special urban planning discipline at provincial/municipal and regional protection and proper use of natural resources, with particular reference to those flowing water and groundwater.
  • Allocate available resources to priority mantemimento improvement of fixed assets existing social, public and private alike, with special reference to the recovery of building consolidated fabrics (including historians) and systematic upgrading of the suburbs.
  • Promuocere the spread of productive activities, equipment and geographical services, in order to ensure each of them a degree of autonomy and self-sufficiency consistent with their demographic size and territorial and infrastructure acaratteristiche. In particular, for the purposes of an effective correction of ongoing globalization phenomena, it is necessary to identify and support the productive activities specific to each area, from agriculture to livestock to sivilcoltura, to arts and crafts.

PST Falvey From City Government to governance for development

The area of the strategic plan "by the City Government to governance for development" lies in the central-southern area of Sicily and insists in the Agrigento province comprising the municipalities of: Favara (leader); Aragon; Comitini; Joppolo Giancaxio; Porto Empedocle. Brighton ... All the sub-regional system arranges itself on mutual interaction of 4 major settlement polarity, such as Palermo, Trapani, Agrigento, Enna, capitals of their respective provinces. The roles and relationships between these depend mainly on infrastructural facilities and by the presence of specialised services, which depend on the smaller centres.
The area has a total population of 72,697 inhabitants and it connotes for high density and high development of major urban centres (often related to spontaneous phenomena) and the phenomena of ageing population and demographic impoverishment of urban centers of lesser size.

PRG of Gela

The design of the city as a whole is "merged", and to the North is tightened by a band that aligns services and green areas, with areas for construction. This area is bounded by North, a major road that runs between the Via Venezia and the bypass, which is quite close, forming a planimetric silohuette to "butterfly wings", whose body is the "wedge" Directional Centrality, the animator of this area.
The sense of this design "merged" the PRG prescribes, functionally, and almost symbolically, the tendency of the dynamics of realization, centripetal effect, whose reflections can affect the value of dynamic areas, promoting with determination, recovery actions of malversati territories from illegal.
In the design of the PRG as "recommendation", proposes to cover fully the prospect, already hatched, a new sort of vast agricultural zones established, as already mentioned, on tourism Integrated Relational networks (T.R.I) and "microcentralità" that you configure.
In this way the campaigns around Gela, leaning to this kind of Tourism will come alive with international relations organized by each of his "microcentralità", and aided by computer-telematic technologies whose business innovation was unthinkable 20 years ago. Come alive so vast agricultural territories of unreleased "values" of centrality, refined and enhanced to the expected presence of equipped "doors" of T.R.I.
It is a new non-urbanized territories in respect of which the city is no longer the Center, and its hinterland.

PRG di Ragusa

The site fits in the tissues and casts its characters for outreach: until the sea, which is very close. Part of Ragusa; is inseparable from the city so that: a look at the city and thinks the campaign; the other looks at the campaign and think about the city. And the air feels the breeze that travels fourteen miles to the lands.
This unique site is then discovered 3,000 years ago, developed, reworked and relaunched the next millennia after the earthquake of 1693 with new and coltissime inventions on the twinning of the two cities, one focused on the San Giovanni Cathedral and the other on that of s. Giorgio, who are one. It is maintained, is defended and enriched with the productive life of the whole plateau dotted with farmhouses and carob trees and designed by dry-stone walls.

PRG of Enna

The plan is accomplished through the answer to the following points.

  1. Retrieve a value of regional centrality to Enna and its territory;
  2. Strengthen and enhance the strong tourist vocation of the territory ennese (cultural, sporting, nature);
  3. Identify the most suitable choices for their support and the strengthening of activities related to agribusiness;
  4. Protect and enhance the numerous archaeological sites and areas under the landscaped and naturalistic purposes;
  5. Enhance and maintain the green spaces between the three parts of the city (wild arms);
  6. Reuniting the city of Enna bassa through territorial equipment localization and local services and through the reconciling existing roads between the two banks of the river Torcicoda;
  7. Environmental remediation and construction-free zone along the course of the stream Torcicoda (taken from the villa Pisciotta to the axis of new ring road);
  8. "Fascinate again" the three cities through a joint review of the entire network of existing roads, pivoting on the construction of the new ring road and on integrated public transport systems (S.I. Between m.);
  9. Redevelop and decongest the area of "cross-roads of St. Anna" through a unitary project that takes into account the many different strengths and weaknesses.

PRG of Corleone

The Prg and project the Pue seek widespread expansion containment in favour of an effort directed at the enhancement of environmental quality, both for the purpose of improving habitability, both in view of the opportunity to relaunch of farming land and its insertion in the archaeological itineraries and tourism of nature. ln summary, plan proposals are: safeguarding of archaeological areas, forest heritage and landscape silvo-pastoral care and conservation of common elements with historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage, of natural achieved Iuoghi; the formation of the natural park of the stream and of the fortresses; the restoration and recovery of the historical city and consolidated; the improvement of accessibility to the territory, to the village of Ficuzza and different parts of town, through the cross connection with the infrastructural system of coast, a scenic mountain location and a link road that changes the sequential input system to the town in a comb; the urban tissue "re-stitching" recent and historical centrality through finding appropriate inedificate areas of urban and territorial services, with particular attention to the most egregious shortcomings: parking areas, sports areas and agro-processing and culture and leisure; the offer of settlement areas in the field of hotel and tourist accommodation is complementary; the offer of locales in favour of productive installations related processing of agricultural products and crafts. In this framework develops proper production and employment future of Corleone in relation to values that this inner area of Sicily, but very close to the two coasts, has.
Such a perspective tool that wants to bring Corleone out of its internal workings, from his isolation, are the Pue for artisan enterprises, for a hotel as well as polarity for residential needs and the Ppe of the historic center, which includes the torrential environment and margin areas.

PRG of Caltagirone

The formal reorganization of the 3-d massing plan new expansion has increased as the quadricolata application at the end of viale Europa, which is achieved through architectural design presented by prescription.
In order to achieve the ridisegnosi is detected a form of reorganization with checkerboard square shape. At first he tried to apply it all around on the same direction and then, gradually, it is riarticolata for flaps and different orientations. It is gone, as well, by joining the "reorder form to various existing facilities and geared up to find how sensitive point, just what is as effective, a significant change and with the highest reorder reflections, for all the new Caltagirone.
The new "quadricolata accommodation is the keystone of the entire system that locates the planimetric terminal area of three streets. They, with axis in Via Milazzo, depart from the base of the triangle of Poggio Fanales and arrive where stands the Palazzo di Giustizia and the current Municipal Stadium. Hence the phrase reflects the architectural and urbanistic reorganization throughout the new city.
It's a phrase, in the new expansion, which formally manages to compose its networks and its corners with curved and sinuous in other parts of the new facility.
From this central part, and most significant, reordered according to a more plain and simple geometric trim, the new Caltagirone appears all in a form of "wide range that lies on the plateau, and the grip is in Santa Caterina Valley. From the fan, in the Center, always emerges the triangle of Poggio Fanales.