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Motris-mapping of Integrated tourism offer in Sicily

The continued commitment to the promotion of development policies related to tourism and agriculture in Sicily in support of the work of prof. Leonardo Urbani MOTRIS project related, make GISTERR a reality multi-disciplinary. Today numerous conferences and work tables are constantly diveniere with the coinvogimento of institutes for the Mediterranean diet and the tourist sector which shall endeavour to promote the project at international level taking the opportunity of the EXPO 2015.

What is MOTRIS?

Prof. Leonardo Urbani
in synergy with the University College ARCES, promoted the mapping of Relational Integrated Tourism offer in Sicily, MOTRIS, starting from the intuition of the research work on urban regeneration, social, economic and cultural centres of the Mediterranean (played by Leonardo Urbani).
The founding principles of MOTRIS inspired occasions of meeting and dialogue with the Euro-Mediterranean Conference "tourism as a lever of development and regional cooperation in the Mediterranean", under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.
MOTRIS research was disclosed in 2004 with the editors of the volume "Motris microcentralità relational in the Mediterranean," and presented to the Presidency of the Sicilian region during the international meeting of January 25, 2005 at Palazzo d'Orleans (Palermo). Evidence of the value of the work performed and the belief to invest on Relational Tourism integrated (T.R.I) as a flywheel key systemic development of territorial sustainability of regional economy in September 2005 was confirmed this will through the regional law n. 10, regulations for tourist development of Sicily and urgent financial rules, published in the GURS No. 39 of September 16, 2005. Article 16 of the Act states that "[...] to enhance the relational tourism, with particular reference to the cultural values of anthropic and natural environment, the President of the region is authorized to fund the project-Integrated Relational Tourism MOTRIS, approvato dalla Giunta regionale con deliberazione n. 18 of January 18, 2005 ".