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In recent years, the use of traditional maps has been gradually replaced by the use of geographic information Systems and geographic as you know, describe, manage and display various aspects of the real world.
Information technology forms the basis of numerical cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), offers great possibilities of representation (thematic and geometrical) graphical information and descriptive.
Specifically, theurbanism and spatial planning were among the first areas of application of these new tools.

In this framework, GISTERR srl proposes in the GIS and WebGIS solutions, not only as experts in using these tools, but in particular also to the competence acquired by the company's professionals in the field of Urban and Environmental Planning.
Proposes, therefore, complete solutions for cartographic systems, feasibility studies, design and construction of turnkey systems, training, and customization assistance.

Plans and programmes

General plans on the floors of large area (Regional, provincial, Intermunicipal), from Executive to Advisory Planning Requirements. For decades in the service of the public administrations and professional offices, thanks to the professionalism of staff consolidated GISTERR and Scientific and cultural guide of the luminary in Urbanism, Prf. Arch. Leonardo Urbani.

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Environment and Landscape

Environment and landscape are GISTERR for a compelling combination, in relation to which the company offers a wide range of specialized services.
Among these include the SEA (strategic environmental assessment), VinCa (Environmental Impact assessment) VIA (Environmental impact assessment), theHAGUE (integrated environmental authorisation) and Landscape assessments.

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GIS and WebGIS

GISTERR achieves Geographic and geographic information systems for the public sector to the private sector by adopting tools and methodologies are compatible with the international standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium and with directive Ispire. It is proposed in the market thanks to its proven experience in the field of urban planning and strategic environmental assessment on the part of the company's professioniati.

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