Information about the company

The GISTERR s.r.l operates in the field of design and development of geographic information Systems and environmental issues.

Was founded with the aim of providing the public administration of technological tools aimed at the simplification of technical structures related transactions relating to town planning, spatial planning, Landscape and Environment through the use of it tools (Hardware and Software).

Extends the scope of professional solutions, aimed at the integration of geographical and spatial information in business information systems at any scale and level of detail.


The company specializes in research, consultancy and design in urban field, territorial, environmental and landscape.

Brings together and consolidates the professional and cultural experience of a working group formed under the leadership of Prof. Emeritus urban planner. Arch. Leonardo Urbani. On these solid foundations, the Gisterr aims through innovative solutions in tecnoligico field in relation to the issues, the landscape and the environment by ensuring a high level professionally.

It consists of personnel with proven experience and SIT on land planning, with particular reference to the drafting of Municipal Urban Planning Tools and Implementation, strategic environmental assessments, Environmental impact studies, Technical Designs, advice, RIRS, etc..


The town is a mixture. A constant integration, involving cars, bitumen, stones, plants and flowers, newspapers, signs, sounds, ... and so on: the city is a mixtum constantly varied in shape and material.

Leonardo Urbani -the four geographies